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Triptych Split Panels!

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 Sep 2015

Order your split panel Triptych, Quadtych or Custom Art canvas Prints with Frank Kenya Mombasa today!

We will help you create a beautiful multi panel canvas triptych Split Panel Art from your very own photographs or one of our hi-resolution photos printed onto white canvas that will surely be an eye catching hit with everyone that sees it in your home, shop or office!

Three Panel Splits or Triptych Photographs printed onto Canvas are a very popular these days and a way to display your pictures as a unique piece of Wall Art that will compliment any décor.

They can be Four Panels or Quadtych prints. They can be displayed as vertical panels particular the Triptychs, or as four squares with a Quadtych Print. You can create just about any configuration using any number of canvas panels to produce your unique Multi Panel Canvas Print.

Come and see our displays or contact us at and find out how we can help!