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Posted on: Monday, 20 Feb 2017

Nanofixit 3in1 is specifically designed with the business professional in mind who is always on the go and needs the right protection for his or her gadgets. It contains 2 phones and 1 tablet, which is enough to protect your most important devices. With Nanofixit your device screen will become ultra scratch resistant and protected against cell phone radiation and bacteria.

Nanofixit 3in1 can do 2 Phone + iPad
And the one for 4999/- can do 7 phones + iPad + Laptop + Watch


Fits All

Nanofixit liquid screen protectors will fit any brand or model. You can apply it to all your devices such as tablets, cell phones, smartwatches and laptops with a glass screen. Our 3-step application process makes our product much easier to apply than most screen protectors in the market and you don’t have to worry about bubble formation under the screen. This is truly a multi-functional product and the only real upgrade to all your devices.


Anti Bac

Researchers have discovered that there are more bacteria on the average mobile phone than you will find in a toilet. Our technology contains titanium particles that will actively kill the most common bacteria found on your cell phone screen such as E. Coli bacteria which can cause various infections.


Anti Scratch

A mixture of tiny nano scale particles make our liquid screen protector ultra scratch resistant and protects the screen surface against scratches usually caused by coins, keys or other sharp objects that your device is exposed to on a daily basis. The Nanofixit liquid screen protector is certified with 9H hardness, which is almost as hard as a diamond and much harder than most smartphone or other electronic glass screens today.



The liquid coating creates an invisible shield on the glass surface, which will divert the potentially harmful radiation away from your head. We tested this in a SAR lab and found our liquid screen protector reduced more than 90% cell phone radiation


How it works

Thoroughly clean the glass screen of your device and camera lens with the enclosed alcohol wipe.

Shake the bottle and apply 1-2 drops of NanoFixIt liquid on your screen (depending on size).

Let the liquid absorb for 1 minute. While you wait, apply the liquid to your camera lens as well.

After the liquid has absorbed, buff the surface with the microfiber cloth until it shines.

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